About Epplix

Epplix was created from a partnership with the moulding industry, which exhibits a growing need for market knowledge, new technologies and innovation.

As a fast-growing company, we invest heavily in research and development, and our brand-new production sites and facilities comply with the highest industry standards. With their solid market knowledge and expertise, the members of our team can quickly assist you with any product queries you may have. We focus on finding the highest-quality components, customised to suit your specific requirements. 

We aim to be an industry leader in innovation and new applications, combining a firm focus on service with competitive prices. The industry is learning to respond more rapidly to new technologies, new products and new applications. Epplix uses its innovative solutions to provide you with the ingredients your business demands now, as well as contributing to future innovation.


Expanding possibilities by providing you with the ingredients your business demands now, as well as contributing to future innovation.


We aim to be the industrial leader in innovation. Combining a firm focus on service with competitive prices. The industry is learning to respond more rapidly to new technologies, products and product applications. In a landscape where innovations emerge constantly, Epplix is ​​ahead of the latest trends and capitalizes on innovative technologies.

Brand values

Expanding possibilities is at the heart of our vision. Expanding possibilities by providing our customers with the ingredients they need to develop great products.


Outstanding product performance and outstanding performance in everything we do. Be the market standard.


Open and honest pricing, product development and communication. Our doors are always open.

Personal Attention

The product we create is a commodity. We create added value to our customer by always providing our customer with personal attention.


We are a reliable partner. We react to the market needs. We show trust towards our suppliers, customers and our people.


We share our knowledge with you to create new possibilities.


We innovate, so you can innovate.


We have responsibility for our product that spans its entire lifecycle. We actively invest in recycling EPP.