Epplix silence provides a very high level of noise insulation and is highly impact-resistant and ultra-lightweight. Epplix silence contains an anti-slip additive which controls annoying squeezing noises (low squeeze).

Epplix offers Epplix Silence in the colour black.


Designed for sensitive electronic components and products where static discharge must be prevented, Epplix®electric is used in ESD-protected environments such as IT and Telecoms.

Epplix offers Epplix electric in the colour black with the density 42. The material is called B42 ESD, Electro Static Discharge.


Our basic bead integrates all the standard EPP properties, making it perfect for the Automotive, HVAC and Packaging & Transport industries. Our product is lightweight, flame-retardant, thermally insulating, noise-insulating, shock- and impact-resistant and fully recyclable.

Epplix offers Epplix EPP in three different colours and various densities. We provide the colours black, white and grey.


Cut down on transport costs and refine your moulding process by pre-adapting Epplix Expand on-site to the specific density required for your application (second pass pre-expansion).

Epplix offers Epplix Expand in the colour black with the density 60 with special feature EXP, which means expansion to lower densities.